Honorary figureheads

Partron: Sir Arnold Wolfendale

Honorary President: Marion Clapham


At the AGM each year, the society's members elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Theatre Manager and Production Committee Chairman.

In addition, the society elects six further directors who serve a term of office of three years.

The society's current officers are:

Chairman: Lesley Anderson

Secretary: Kristian Colling

Treasurer: Wendy Smith

Theatre Manager: Pete Hagger

Chairman of Production Committee: Mike Smith

Directors: Amanda Chapman, Kathryn Gander, Neil Gander, Pauline Gill, Emma Grisdale, Chris McGeorge, Judy McKinnell, Marshall Peach


Officials are appointed by the Directors to head the various backstage teams of the society.

The society's current officials are:

Vice-chair: Pete Hagger

Membership Secretary: Elenor Maddison

Stage Manager: Pete Hagger

Props: Marshall Peach

Wardrobe: Kate Lawrie

Production Committee

The Production Committee oversees the production of all productions of the society. Plays are directed by Producers, who are appointed by the committee after a period of mentoring. Elected members are responsible for reading and selection of members.

The Production Committee's members are:

Chairman: Mike Smith

Secretary: Caroline Chapman

Producers: Mike Smith, Caroline Chapman, Kate Lawrie, Tess Hagger, Chris Neville-Smith, Charlotte Bond