The River

produced by Theatre Elysium

29th November - 1st December
7.30 p.m (+ 2.30 p.m. Sat matinee)

Written by Jez Butterworth
Directed by Jake Murray

“If you lose me you will search for me. Forever.”

A cabin somewhere in the Tyne Valley. A man brings a woman for a romantic weekend to get close to nature and experience the wonder of the River. But is there one woman or many? Is he just a womaniser or is he seeking the woman he has always loved, over and over again?

A love story, a ghost story, a haunting mystery, THE RIVER is a drama about desire and longing that you will never forget.


 There is an instinctive revulsion against take a human life. And that revulsion can be conquered.

produced by Fourth Wall Theatre Company

6th December - 8th December

Written by Gary Owen
DIrected by Elliot Ancona

 A controversial new gaming experience is inspiring a generation. In Killology, players are rewarded for torturing victims, scoring points for ‘creativity’. According to its creator, Killology isn’t sick. Because yes, you can live out your darkest fantasies, but you don’t escape their consequences. Out on the streets, not everybody agrees with him.

£6.00 – £7.00, Tickets available from Durham Student Theatre