Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (female version) was performed at the City Theatre on the 2nd - 8th February 2014, with the following cast and crew:

Olive Lesley Anderson
Florence Liz Cooke
Renee Theresa Mulkerrin
Sylvie Kayleigh Knox
Vera Janiece Spence
Mickey Charlotte Bond
Jesus Colin H Clark
Manola Neil Gander
Director Teresa Hagger
Production crew Gordon Lawrie, Jessica Beard, Sheila Shippen and others

Odd Couple flyer


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Florence (Liz Cooke) gives chapter and verse of her newly-broken marriage to friend Olive (Lesley Anderson) and friends Reenee (Theresa Mulkerin), Sylvie (Kayleigh Knox), Vera (Janiece Spence) and Mickey (Charlotte Bond), all sitting round the Trivial pursuit table looking bored Jesus (Colin H Clark) and Manola (Neil Gander) pay Olive their respects at the start of dinner, with lots of flowers ... and then they pay their respects to Florence
Olive, Florence, Jesus and Manola sit and talk as they wait for dinner to cook ... Oh dear, what happened to the dinner? Florence shows Jesus and Manola the burnt bird Left to right: Theresa Mulkerin as Reenee, Kayleigh Knox as Sylvie, Neil Gander as Manola, Liz Cooke as Florence, Lesley Anderson as Olive, Colin Clark as Jesus, Charlotte Bond as Mickey, Janiece Spence as Vera