John Godber's Our House was performed at the City Theatre on the 16th - 22nd November 2014, with the following cast and crew:

May Lesley Anderson
Ted Colin H Clark
Jack Michael Luke
Sylvia/Sharon Kayleigh Knox
Steve/Les Henry Cockburn
Sonja/Candace Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Lance Zam Tee
Director Chris Neville-Smith
Production Assistant / Props Teresa Hagger
Costumes: Lesley Anderson and Kate Lawrie
Production crew: Teresa Mulkerin, Jessica Beard, Dale Scott, Charlotte Bond and Kathryn Gander

Our House Flyer


May (Lesley Anderson) has something to say about Jack (Michael Luke) and his garish choice of fashion Ted (Colin H Clark) tells Jack (Michael Luke) what to expect at the clap clinic Ted (Colin H Clark) dances in his holiday gear - he must have enjoyed his time in Spain
Chain-smoking Sylvia (Kayleigh Knox) pays a visit A typical scuffle between neighbours Les (Henry Cockburn) and Sonja (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) New homeowner Lance (Zam Tee) starts unpacking his belongings, starting with a snake

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