Gerald Sibleyras's Heroes (translated by Tom Stoppard) was performed at the City Theatre on the 15th - 21st June 2014, with the following cast and crew:

Henri Colin H Clark
Gustav Alan Godfrey
Philippe Neil Gander
Director Mike Smith
Production crew Teresa Hagger, Gordon Lawrie, Jessica Beard and others

Flyer for Heroes


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Philippe (Neil Gander), Gustav (Alan Godfrey) and Henri (Alan Godfrey) sit on the terrace 'From the rear, Captain', says Philippe whenever he awakes A plan is formed, privy only to Gustav, Henri, and the dog
Oh dear, this time Philippe fell alseep and fell into an open grave. He is covered in mud. Preparing for their expedition, the three men form a chain with an old fire hose Gustav shows Philippe how they'll cross the river, with Philippe piggy-backed on Gustav