Luigi Pirandello's A Doctor's Duty was performed at the Saltburn Drama Festival on the 20th March 2014 and the City Theatre on the 23rd March 2014 with the following cast and crew:

Mrs. Reis Heather Prestwich
Policeman Chris Neville-Smith
Anna Corsi Hazel Geldard
Rosa Kayleigh Knox
The Doctor Michael Smith
The Lawyer Caroline Chapman
Male Nurse Michael Fletcher
Thomas Corsi Kristian Colling
Director Alan Godfrey
Production crew Theresa Mulkerin, Sheila Shippen

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The doctor and laywer ponder matters as Anna tends to Thomas Cast (left to right): Mike Smith as The Doctor, Caroline Chapman as The Lawyer, Heather Prestwich as Mrs. Reis, Hazel Geldard as Anna, Kristian Colling as Thomas, Chris Neville-Smith as The Policeman, Michael Fletcher as The Nurse