Peter Quilter's Glorious! was performed at the City Theatre on the 12th - 18th February 2012, with the following cast and crew:

Florence Foster Jenkins Catherine Racine
Cosme McMoon Chris Neville-Smith
St Clair Simon Morris
Dorothy Tess Hagger
Maria Heather Prestwich
Mrs Verinder-Gedge Lesley Anderson
Radio Announcer Alwyn Preistnall
Director Kate Lawrie
Production crew Jessica Beard, Sheila Shippen, Julie Smith, Gordon Lawrie



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Introducing Florence Foster Jenkins (Catherine Racine), the worst singer in the world, with Cosme McMoon (Chris Neville-Smith) at the piano Boo! Killjoy Mrs Verinder-Gedge (Lesley Anderson) wants Florence stopped, and has a petition ome good news proves too much for St. Clair (Simon Morris), who has a heart attack. Spanish maid Maria (Heather Prestwich) takes charge.
Dorothy (Tess Hagger) speaks to Florence (Catherine Racine) before her Carnegie Hall performance And Florence (Catherine Racine) and Cosme's (Chris Neville-Smith) performance goes down a storm!