Tennessee Williams's 27 Wagons Full of Cotton was performed at Sedgefield Drama Festival on the 13th September 2012, with the following cast and crew:

Jake Chris Neville-Smith
Flora Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Silva Peter Sutton
Director Chris Neville-Smith and Teresa Hagger
Production crew Heather Prestwich, Peter Hagger, Marion Clapham, Gordon Lawrie



Click on any photo for a larger image. (Photos taken at rehearsal.)

Jake (Chris Neville-Smith) quietly advises Flora (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) to forget everything she knows about burning down the neighbour's cotton plantation. Okay, he grabs her by the throat because that's the way he does things. Enter Silva Viccarro (Peter Sutton), strangely relaxed about this act of arson But what is Viccaro (Peter Sutton) really up to when he's being charming to Flora (Jayne Stopford-Taylor)?

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