Welcome to Durham Dramatic Society's new play archive site. This is where you will find records on photos of Durham Dramatic Society's past productions, both the main seasons and extras such as drama festivals. At the moment, the site only contains DDS's most recent productions - this will be expanded backwards as and when there is time to go backwards. In the meantime, you can view details and pictures for productions back to 2008 on Alan Godfrey's old site.

This is an official site of Durham Dramatic Society maintained by Chris Neville-Smith on behalf of the society. The site runs parallel to DDS's main site which contains the rest of the online information about the society. You can also follow Durham Dramatic Society onĀ Facebook and Twitter.

This is a new site and we welcome feedback on how to develop it. Please also let us know if anything in the site is not working properly - we are not perfect yet.