Frank Vickery's Trivial Pursuits was performed at the City Theatre on the 13th - 19th September 2015 at the City Theatre, with the following cast and crew:

Teddy Mike Smith
Joyce Tess Hagger
Mona Marion Clapham
Pearl Meg Norman
Roz Charlotte Bond
Jessica Emma Parnaby
Derek Paul Monaghan
Nick Colin Clark
Deirdre Theresa Mulkerin
Eddie Sam Trouson
Director Kate Lawrie
Prompt Heather Prestwich


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Left to right: Teddy (Mike Smith), Joyce (Teresa Hagger), Mona (Marion Clapham), Pearl (Meg Normal), Roz (Charlotte Bond) does a game of charades at the summer barbecue Derek (Paul Monaghan) bores Mona (Marion Clapham) and Roz (Charlotte Bond) to death over his failed marriage But Derek's soon-to-be ex-wife Deirdre (Theresa Mulkerin) shows up with new fancy man Eddie (Sam Trounson) who sets to work re-doing all the electrics in the house. He starts by bringing the television outside.
Nick (Colin Clark) tries in vain to explain joke-telling to Derek (Paul Monaghan) Oh dear, someone let Joyce (Teresa Hagger)  near the booze, who proceeds to burst into song Teddy (Mike Smith) singing a show number in stockings and high heels. Don't ask.