Shelagh Stephenson's The Memory of Water was performed at the City Theatre on the 21st - 27th June 2015 at the City Theatre, with the following cast and crew:

Mary Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Teresa Heather Prestwich
Catherine Samantha Craig
Vi Liz Cooke
Mike Dale Scott
Frank Mike Smith
Director Chris Neville-Smith
Production Assistant Tess Hagger

Memory of Water flyer


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Liz Cooke as Vi, admiring herself in the mirror Successful doctor Mary (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) with her married lover, Mike (Dale Scott) Left to right: Heather Prestwich as Teresa, Samantha Craig as Catherine, Jayne Stopford-Taylor as Mary, all laughing as they try on their mother's clothes
Catherine (Samantha Craig) disgraces herself with Frank (Mike Smith), her own brother-in-law, by burying his head in her cleavage, apparently 'I just want one last dance before I go.' Vi (Liz Cooke) dances whilst Mary (Jayne Stopford Taylor) reads something devastating. This calls for rescue remedy ... Teresa (Heather Prestwich) tends to a devastated Mary)

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