Brian Clemens's Murder Weapon was performed at the City Theatre on the 19th - 25th April 2015 at the City Theatre, with the following cast and crew:

Bligh Charlotte Bond
Freemont Colin Clark
Charley Alan Godfrey
Hugo Chris Wagstaffe
Diana Anna Snell
Paul Michael Fletcher
Walters Hazel Geldard
Director Theresa Mulkerin
Production crew  

Muder Weapon poster


Click on any photo for a larger image. (Very slight spoiler alert - read captions at your own risk.)

There's a murder, and Chief Constable Bligh (Charlotte Bond) and Inspector Freemont (Colin Clark) grill Charley (Alan Godfrey), the only suspect in a seemingly open-and-shut case Flashback to Diana (Anna Snell) talking intimately to her lover Paul (Michael Fletcher) So cuckolded husband Hugo (Chris Wagstaffe) asks for the help of Charley
Bligh (Charlotte Bond) and Freemont (Colin Clark) don't know what to make of Charley (Alan Godfrey) and his story And suddenly, Hugo (Chris Wagstaffe) denies all knowledge of everything, to the surprise of Blight (Charlotte Bond), Freemont (Colin Clark) and Charley (Alan Godfrey)