Chris Neville-Smith's The First Sign of Madness was first performed for Durham Dramatic Society in 2011 on the 30th September and 1st October as part of its New Writing Festival.

It was subsequently revived in 2013 and taken to Buxton Festival Fringe. It was previewed on the 18th June in the Empty Shop, Durham, the 26th June at Middlesbrough Theatre Club Room and the 30th June at the City Theatre, Durham, prior to performances at Pauper's Pit, Underground Venues, on the 4th-6th July.

The play had the following cast and crew:

Joanna Nicki Doyle
Craig Paul Gardner (2011), Chris Neville-Smith (2013)
Groundskeeper Alan Godfrey
Writer/director Chris Neville-Smith
Assistant director Tess Hagger

 Poster of The First Sign of Madness


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Joanna (Nicki Doyle) sits on a park bench with Craig (Paul Gardner). Joanna holds the flowers. Nicki Doyle as Joanna
The Groundskeeper (Alan Godfrey) asks if everything is all right. Joanna (Nicki Doyle) and Craig (Paul Gardner) still sit on the bench.