W Somerset Maugham's The Constant Wife was performed at the City Theatre on the 10th - 16th February 2013, with the following cast and crew:

Constance Middleton Heather Prestwich
John Middleton Chris Wagstaffe
Bernard Kersall Mike Smith
Marie-Louise Durham Catherine Shepherd
Mrs Culver Teresa Hagger
Barbara Fawcett Lesley Anderson
Martha Middleton Theresa Mulkerin
Mortimer Durham Dale Buchanan Scott
Bentley John McKinnel
Director Kate Lawrie
Production crew Production crew: Jennifer Gill, John McKinnell, Judy McKinnell

Constant Wife A5 flyer


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It's a perfect morning for Martha (Theresa Mulkerin), Barbara (Lesley Anderson) and Mrs. Culver (Mrs. Culver) to gossip about the saintly Constance Bentley (John McKinnell) arrives as Mrs. Culver (Tess Hagger) gives her daughter Constance (Heather Prestwich) a few words on appropriate behaviour for women Constance (Heather Preswich) is addressed by John (Chris Wagstaffe), Constance's pompous husband, and Barnard (Mike Smith), and old flame
Marie-Louise (Catherine Shepherd), having an affair with John that everyone knows about, gets a cross-examination from Martha (Theresa Mulkerin) and Bernard (Mike Smith) Seems everyone wants to know Constance's opinion. Left to right: Matha (Theresa Mulkerin), Marie-Louise (Catherine Shepherd), John (Chris Wagstaffe), Mrs. Culver (Tess Hagger), Contance (Heather Prestwich) and Barbara (Lesley Anderson). There's an angry scene Marie-Louise's husband Mortimer (Dale Scott) finds out. He confronts Marie-Louise (Catherine Shepherd), Constance (Heather Prestwich) and Bernard (Mike Smith)