Noël Coward's Private Lives was performed at the City Theatre on the 23rdrd - 29th June 2013, with the following cast and crew:

Elyot Chase Simon Morris
Amanda Chase Heather Prestwich
Victor Pryne Neil Gander
Amanda Pryne Caroline Chapman
Louise Labonne Kate Lawrie
Director Mike Smith
Production crew Teresa Hagger, Theresa Mulkerrin, Gordon Lawrie and others


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Elyot Chase (Simon Morris) is on blissful honeymoon in the south of France with his new wife Sybil (Heather Prestwich). Here he kisses her on a hotel balcony. Coincidentally, Elyot's ex-wife Amanda (Caroline Chapman) is also honeymooning with new husband Victor (Neil Gander), on the next balcony. What could possibly go wrong? Inevitably, Eliot (Simon Morris) and Amanda (Caroline Champan)'s eyes meet, they elope, and here they are in their Paris apartment. We wonder why on earth did they ever part in the first place?
Ah, here's why. Whenever Elyot (Simon Morris) and Amanda (Caroline Champan) are together, they end up throwing furniture at each other. The maid Louise (Kate Lawrie) wakes up Sybil (Heather Prestwich) and Victor (Neil Gander), who tracked them down And Elyot (Simon Morris), Amanda (Caroline Champan), Sybil (Heather Prestwich) and Victor (Neil Gander) all sit down for a civilised breakfast ... or do they?