Alan Ayckbourn's Improbable Fiction was performed at the City Theatre on the 24th - 30th November 2013, with the following cast and crew:

Arnold Hassock Mike Smith
Ilsa Wolby Hazel Geldard
Jess Bales Lesley Anderson
Grace Sims Yvonne Doyle
Vivvi Dickins Kayleigh Knox
Clem Pepp James Tynan
Brevis Winterton Alan Godfrey
Director Chris Neville-Smith
Production Advisor Tess Hagger
Prompt Kate Lawrie
Sound and Lighting Gordon Lawrie and Theresa Mulkerin
Props Elenor Maddison, Jessica Beard and others

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The Pendon writers circle launches with a spat between conspiracy nerd Clem (James Tynan) and grumpy schoolteacher Brevis (Alan Godfrey) Left to right: Jess (Lesley Anderson), Brevis (Alan Godfrey) at the piano, Vivvi (Kayleigh Knox), Clem (James Tynan), Grace (Yvonne Doyle) and chairman Arnold (Mike Smith) All of the cast surround a confused Arnold (Mike Smith) in Victorian dress, with Ilsa (Hazel Geldard) holding a candle and knife, and Jess (Lesley Anderson) narrating a story
Suddenly, it's off to the 1930s when DCI Jim Rash aka Clem (James Tynan) grills murder suspects Arnold (Mike Smith) and gardener Run aka Brevis (Alan Godfrey) What's that in the alien containment pod? It's Doblin the Goblin! Or Ilsa (Hazel Geldard). And the rest of the cast are paranormal investigators now. Cast (left to right): Kayleigh Knox as Vivvi, James Tynan as Clem, Lesley Anderson as Grace (yes, she is dressed as a squirrel, Mike Smith as Arnold, Hazel Geldard as Ilsa, Yvonne Doyle as Grace, Alan Godfrey as Clem

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