Francis Durbridge's House Guest was performed at the City Theatre on the 21st - 27th April 2013, with the following cast and crew:

Robert Drury Michael Luke
Stella Drury Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Inspector Burford Ian Woodhouse
Sergeant Clayton Chris Wagstaffe
Major Crozier Alan Godfrey
Vivien Norwood Liz Cooke
Jayne Mercer Janiece Spence
Dorothy Medway Sue Nicholson
Philip Henderson Liam Keuchel
Director Theresa Mulkerin
Production crew Jennifer Gill, Jessica Beard, Elenor Maddison, Gordon Lawrie



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Journalist Vivien Norwood (Liz Cooke) speaks to Jayne Mercer (Janiece Spence) about the famous Robert and Stella Drury 'Major' Crozier (Alan Godfrey) outlines to Stella Drury (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) his strange ransom demand Things get more complicated when 'Inspector' Burford (Ian Woodhouse) and 'Sergeant' Clayton (Chris Wagstaffe) arrive to quiz the Drurys (Michael Luke and Jayne Stopford-Taylor)
And at the worst possible moment, needy cousin Dorothy Medway (Sue Nicholson) pays Robert Drury (Michael Luke) a social call Burford (Ian Woodhouse) calls in Henderson, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robert (that's because Michael Luke plays both characters) Stella (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) points a gun at Burford (Ian Woodhouse). Has she got to upper hand?