C B Gilford's Bull in a China Shop was performed at the City Theatre on the 22nd - 28th September 2013, with the following cast and crew:

Miss Hildegarde Helen Harries
Miss Birdie Judy McKinnel
Miss Amantha Janiece Spence
Miss Nettie Theresa Mulkerin
Miss Lucy Charlotte Bond
Miss Elizabeth Theresa Hagger
Dennis O'Finn Michael Luke
Kramer Kristian Colling
Johnson John McKinnell
Jane Rogers Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Director Alan Godfrey
Production crew Kayleigh Knox, Jennifer Gill, Gordon Lawrie, Hazel Geldard and others


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The old ladies fume as Miss Elizabeth (Teresa Hagger) hogs the binoculars to stare at the handsome detective across the street Luckily, Miss Elizabeth is suddenly mysteriously poisoned, and the detective comes round. Johnson (John McKinnel) wheels about the body, whilst the other ladies pay their respects Unfortunately, one murder isn't enough. To protect the identity of the killer, the ladies cover their eyes whilst the murderer poisons another cup of tea. Left to right: Miss Birdie (Judy McKinnell), Miss Lucy (Charlotte Bond), Miss Amantha (Janiece Spence), Miss Nettie (Theresa Mulkerin) and Miss Hildegarde (Helen Harries).
A tense moment when Dennis O'Finn (Michael Luke), tries to drink the tea meant for nosy reporter Jane (Jayne Stopford-Taylor). Miss Hildegarde (Helen Harries) steps in to avoid confusion. Johnson (John McKinnell) returns with Dennis's sidekick Karmer (Kristian Colling) to take fingerprints. Miss Hildgarde (Helen Harries) seems to enjoy it. And it was Miss Hildegarde (Helen Harries) all along. She proudly confesses all.