Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Brother and Sister (Die Geschwister, translated and adapted by Alan Godfrey) was performed at the Saltburn Community Theatre on the 20th March and at the City Theatre, Durham, on the 26th March, with the following cast and crew:

William Kristian Colling
Marianne Rosie Humphrey
Fabrice Daniel Wright
Director Alan Godfrey
Assistant director Chris Neville-Smith
Production crew Wendy Smith, Gordon Lawrie



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William (Kristian Colling) and Marrianne (Rosie Humphrey), siting at the table together. live as brother and sister With William (Kristian Colling) left alone, we learn that William is really Marianne's guardian, with Marianne the daughter of the woman he loved. William (Kristian Colling) shakes hands with Fabrice (Daniel Wright), suitor to Marianne
Marianne (Rosie Humphrey) holds flowers from Fabrice (Daniel Wright) ... but Marianne (Rosie Humphrey) has her doubts

(Photos taken in rehearsal.)