Henry James's The Aspern Papers (adapted for the stage by Michael Redgrave) was performed at the City Theatre on the 22nd - 28th April 2012, with the following cast and crew:

Henry Jarvis Michael Smith
Miss Tina Jayne Stopford-Taylor
Miss Juliana Bordereau Marion Clapham
Mrs Prest Jennifer Gill
Pasquale Ian Woodhouse
Assunta Kate Lawrie
Director Theresa Mulkerin
Production crew Teresa Hagger, Sheila Shippen, Gordon Lawrie, Charlotte Bond



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Henry (Michael Smith) and companion Mrs. Prest (Jennifer Gill) introduce themselves to Assunta (Kate Lawrie) A later scene, introducing wheelchair-bound centenarian Juliana (Marion Clapham), great-niece Tina (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) and new servant Pasquale (Ian Woodhouse) Another shot of full cast
A night-time disturbance goes wrong and leaves Juliana (Marion Clapham) in distress Cast, left to right: Pasquale (Ian Woodhouse), Mrs. Prest (Jennifer Gill), Henry (Michael Smith), Miss Tina (Jayne Stopford-Taylor), Juliana (Marion Clapham), Assunta (Kate Lawrie)