Luigi Piranello's Rules of the Game (translated by Robert Rietti) was performed at the City Theatre on the 23rd - 29th September 2012, with the following cast and crew:

Leone Gala Neil Gander
Silia Gala Caroline Chapman
Guido Simon Morris
Philip Michael Smith
Dr Spiga Colin Clark
Barelli Steve Hill
Marquis Miglioriti John McKinnell
Clara Louisa Robinson
Drunks Daniel Wright, Chris Neville-Smith
Tenants Theresa Mulkerin, Rebecca Selby
Director Alan Godfrey
Production crew Jennifer Gill, Theresa Mulkerrin, Marion Clapham, Gordon Lawrie, Kathryn Gander
Set design Wendy Smith, Lesley Anderson

Rules of the Game flyer


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Guido (Simon Morris) and Silia (Caroline Chapman), adulterous lovers. All is quiet until ... ... Marquis Miglioriti (John McKinnel) and two drunks (Daniel Wright and Chris Neville-Smith) gatecrash the party. Mind you, Silia (Caroline Chapman) doesn't seem to upset Silia's maid Clara (Louisa Robinson) and two tenants (Theresa Mulkerin and Rebecca Selby) come to break up the party. The Marquis (John McKinnell) and drunks (Daniel Wright and Chris Neville-Smith) beg forgiveness from Silia (Caroline Chapman).
Next day, Cuckolded husband Leone (Neil Gander) discusses baking with servant Philip (Michael Smith) With Leone (Neil Gander) having challenged the Marquis to a duel on Silia's behalf, Barelli (Steve Hill) and Dr. Spiga (Colin Clark) try to give Leone a crash course in sword fighting