Joe Orton's Loot was performed at the City Theatre on the 25th November - 1st December 2012, with the following cast and crew:

Nurse Fey McMahon Amanda Chapman
Mr McLeavey Alan Godfrey
Harold Kristian Colling
Dennis Daniel Wright
Inspector Truscott Colin Clark
PC Meadows Neil Gander
Director Mike Smith
Production crew Teresa Hagger, Jessica Beard, Elenor Maddison, Gordon Lawrie



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Widower Mr. McLeavey (Alan Godfrey) and son Harold (Kristian Colling) Unknown to McLeavey, his son is up to no good with friend Dennis (Daniel Wright) and nurse-cum-murderess Fey (Amanda Chapman), such as here where they've taken the Mrs. McLeavey's body out of the coffin An awkward moment and an awkward explanation - McLeavey (Alan Godfrey) catches Harold (Kristian Colling), Dennis (Daniel Wright) and Fey (Amanda Chapman) with the body
Inspector Truscott (Colin) from the Police - or is it the water board? Truscott (Colin Clark) and PC Meadows (Neil Gander) give McLeavey (Alan Godfrey) yet another grilling