Alan Godfrey's Plan C was performed at the City Theatre on the 30th September - 1st October 2011  with the following cast and crew:

Sydney Steve Norman
Geraldine Amanda Chapman
Brian Paul Garnder
Brendan Daniel Wright
Robert Steve Hill
Wilbert Chris Neville-Smith
Amy Catherine Racine
Bella Heather Prestwich
Martha Sheila Shippen
Malcolm Colin Clark
Florence Catherine Langley
Director Mike Smith
Original music Paul Garnder
Production crew Jessica Beard, Heather Prestwich, Gordon Lawrie, Kate Lawrie



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Left to right: Brendan (Daniel Wright), Brian (Paul Garder) and Robert (Steve Hill) prepare for their mission But with Plan A and Plan B failed, Sydney (Steve Norman), Amy (Catherine Racine), Geraldine (Amanda Chapman) and Bella (Heather Prestwich) prepare to enrol Wilbert (Chris Neville-Smith) for Plan C The team give Wilbert (Chris Neville-Smith) his all-important backpack