P. G. Wodehouse's Good Morning, Bill was performed at the City Theatre on the 10th - 16th April 2011, with the following cast and crew:

Bill Pardene John McKinnell
Dr. Sally Smith Lesley Anderson
Lord Tidmouth Neil Gander
Lottie Jayne Campbell
Uncle Hugo Ian Woodhouse
Concierge Steve Norman
Marie Sheila Shippen
Director Theresa Mulkerin
Production crew Teresa Hagger, Gordon Lawrie, Elenor Maddison, Dale Scott



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One fine morning Bill (John McKinnell) discovers his self-appointed fiancée Lottie (Jayne Campbell) in a tyrst with his best friend Tidmouth (Neil Gander) Even so, Lottie (Jayne Campbell)  isn't letting go her claim to Bill (John MacKinnell) that easily. Tidmouth (Neil Gander) and the concierge (Steve Norman) look on awkwardly. But Bill (John McKinnell) only has eyes for Dr. Sally. One night, he devises a plan to bring her to his home, only to be interrupted by his Uncle Hugo (Ian Woodhouse) playing makeshift golf.
But sadly, Dr. Sally (Lesley Anderson) is not impressed with Bill (John McKinnel) and his plan.