Chris Joby's Crossing the Line was performed at the City Theatre on the 30th September - 1st October 2011  with the following cast and crew:

Piet Mondrian Neil Gander
Theo van Doesburg Alan Godfrey
Saskia Kathryn Gander
George Vantongerloo Paul Spence
Director Alan Godfrey
Production crew Jennifer Gill, Gordon Lawrie, Kate Lawrie



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Piet Mondrian (Neil Gander) tells Theo van Doesburg (Alan Godfrey) his thoughts on those heathens who use non-primary colours in painting of rectangles Saskia (Kathryn Gander) watches in bemusement as an argument blows up between Mondrian (Neil Gander)  and Doesburg (Alan Godfrey) up over the latter's use of a diagonal line Left to right: Paul Spence as George Vantongerloo, Alan Godfrey as  Theo van Doesburg, Neil Gander as Piet Mondrian (Neil Gander), and Kathryn Gander as Saskia