Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford (adapted by Martin Coleman) was performed at the City Theatre on the 18th - 24th September 2011, with the following cast and crew:

Miss Matty Jennifer Gill
Mary Jayne Campbell
Martha Amanda Chapman
Miss Pole Liz Cooke
Miss Barker Janiece Spence
Miss Forrester Theresa Mulkerin
Lady Glenmire Teresa Hagger
Mrs Jamieson Marion Clapham
Mr Hoggins Ian Woodhouse
Jem Peter Sutton
Mrs. Gaskell Charlotte Bond
Director Kate Lawrie
Production crew Heather Prestwich, Gordon Lawrie, Marion Clapham



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Mrs. Gaskell (Charlotte Bond) tells the story of Cranford, with her younger self Mary (Jayne Campbell) and servant Martha (Amanda Chapman) behind her. Mrs Gaskell's younger self Mary (Jane Campbell) and servant Martha (Amanda Chapman) tend to Miss Matty (Jennifer Gill) and guest Miss Pole (Liz Cooke) Now Miss Barker (Janiece Spence) and Miss Forrester (Theresa Mulkerin) arrive.
Martha (Amanda Chapman) introduces suitor Jem (Peter Sutton), whose existence Miss Matty (Jennifer Gill) and Mary (Jayne Campbell) were previously unaware of Now Miss Matty (Jennifer Gill) runs a tea business - but village snob Mrs Jamieson (Marion Clapham) is about to get her comeuppance from Mrs Hoggins (Ian Woodhouse) and Lady Glenmire (Theresa Hagger)