Hugh Whitemore's Breaking the Code was performed at the City Theatre on the 19th - 26th June 2011, with the following cast and crew:

Alan Turing Simon Morris
DI Mick Ross Chris Joby
Christopher Morcom Paul Gardner
Sara Turing Kate Lawrie
Pat Green Heather Prestwich
Dilwyn Knox Alan Godfrey
Ron Miller Kristian Colling
John Smith Alwyn Priestnall
Nikos Dale Scott
Director Mike Smith
Backdrop Wendy Smith & Lesley Anderson
Production crew Jessica Beard, Gordon Lawrie, Colin H Clark



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A long time ago, Alan Turing (Simon Morris) introduced his intense friend Christopher (Paul Gardner) to his mother Sara (Kate Lawrie) A few decades later, Sara (Kate Lawrie) is grilled by DI Mick Ross (Chris Joby) over his son's indiscretions. Turing (Simon Morris) delivers a keynote lecture on code-breaking
Turing (Simon Morris) learns of his betrayal by Ron Miller (Kristian Colling) Turing's friend Pat Green (Heather Prestwich) meets his mentor Dilwyn Knox (Alan Godfrey)