Dennis's Potter's Blue Remembered Hills was performed at the City Theatre on the 20th - 26th November 2011, with the following cast and crew:

Willie Daniel Wright
Peter Alan Godfrey
Raymond Michael Smith
John Paul Gardner
Angela Lesley Anderson
Audrey Helen Harries
Donald Chris Neville-Smith
Director Tess Hagger
Production crew Theresa Mulkerrin, Gordon Lawrie, Marion Clapham, Wendy Smith



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Excitment is in the air as Willie (Daniel Wright), Peter (alan Godfrey) and Raymond (Mike Smith) chase a squirrel Meanwhile Angela (Lesley Anderson) and Audrey (Helen Harries) let Donald (Chris Neville-Smith) play with them Whilst the rest are hiding from an escaped prisoner, John (Paul Gardner) and Peter (Alan Godfrey) play a trick on them ...
Here's an idea for a prank! Let's shut Donald in the barn! What could possibly go wrong? Cast, left to right: Mike Smith as Raymond, Alan Godfrey as Peter, Helen Harries as Audrey. Lesley Anderson as Angela, Daniel Wright as Willie, Paul Gardner as John, Chris Neville-Smith as Donald