J. B. Priestley's When We Are Married was performed at the City Theatre on the 7th - 13th February 2010, with the following cast and crew:

Alderman Joseph Helliwell Ian Woodhouse
Maria Helliwell Jennifer Gill
Councillor Albert Parker Michael Smith
Annie Parker Helen Harries
Herbert Soppitt Alan Godfrey
Clara Soppitt Marion Clapham
Phoebe Birtle Nicki Doyle (Sheila Shippen Wednesday)
Henry Ormonroyd Adrian Rogers
Gerald Forbes Peter Sutton
Nancy Holmes Heather Prestwich
Mrs Northrop Teresa Hagger
Fred Dyson Chris Neville-Smith
Lottie Grady Lesley Anderson
Rev Clement Mercer Conn McDaid
Director Barbara Woodhouse
Production crew Sheila Shippen, Gordon Lawrie, Peter Hagger



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It's a busy day, with three ruby weddings coming up, and Phoebe Birtle  (Nicki Doyle) is supposedly hard at work but actually lounging around Before then, however, there is the matter of Gerald Forbes (Peter Sutton) courting Nancy Holmes (Heather Prestwich), much do the disapproval of some elders The moment when the three husbands (Mike Smith, Ian Woodhouse and Alan Godfrey) discover a letter revealing that none of their marriages are valid
This grabs the attention of Lottie Grady (Lesley Andserson), pressing photographer Henry Ormonroyd (Adrian Rogers) about the news her old flame isn't married after all. Everyone assembles for the photo - but how have all the other problems fared? Men left to right (standing behind): Peter Sutton as Gerald Forbes, Adrian Rogers as Henry Ormonroyd, Conn McDaid as Rev Clement Mercer, Ian Woodhouse as Alderman Joseph Helliwell, Mike Smith as Councillor Albert Parker, Alan Godfrey as Herbert Soppitt; Women left to right (mostly seated in front): Heather Prestwich as Nancy Holmes, Lesley Anderson as Lottie Grady, Nicki Doyle and Phoebe Birtle, Teresa Hagger as Mrs Northrop, Jennifer Gill as Maria Helliwell,  Annie Parker as Annie Parker, Marion Clapham as Clara Soppitt