[Author's name]'s [Play name] was performed at the City Theatre on the [xxxx - xxxx yyyy 20zz] at the City Theatre, with the following cast and crew:

Garry Essendene Alan Godfrey
Liz Essendene Liz Cooke
 Daphne Stillington Amanda Chapman
 Roland Maule Chris Neville-Smith
 Joanna Lyppiatt Helen Harries
 Miss Erikson  Charlotte Bond
 Fred  Steve Norman
 Monica Read  Theresa Mulkerin
 Henry Lyppiat  Alwyn Priestnall
 Morris Dixon Steve Hill
 Lady Saltburn Kate Lawrie
Director Teresa Hagger
Production crew Jennifer Gill, Elenor Maddison, Gordon Lawrie



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One morning, Liz (Liz Cooke) and Monica (Theresa Mulkerin) discuss the presence of Daphne (Amanda Chapman), young lady who Garry kindly allowed to stay overnight because she 'lost her latchkey'. Later Garry (Alan Godfrey) is accosted by Joanna (Helen Harries), who has also 'lost her latchkey'. Superfan Roland (Chris Neville-Smith) watches in delight at an unfolding conflict the following morning between Garry (Alan Godfrey), wife Liz (Liz Cooke) and mistress Daphne (Amanda Champan).
But one affair too many leads to an angry showdown with business partners Henry (Alwyn Priestnall) and Morris (Steve Hill). Left to right: Charlotte Bond as Miss Erikson, Steve Norman as Fred, Amanda Chapman as Daphne, Steve Hill as Morris, Liz Cooke as Liz, Alan Godfrey as Garry, Theresa Mulkerin as Monica, Alwyn Priestnall as Henry, Helen Harries as Joanna, Chris Neville-Smith as Roland and Kate Lawrie as Lady Saltburn.