Ken Cotterill's Perfect Muder was performed at the City Theatre on the 19th - 25th September 2010, with the following cast and crew:

Ben Harris Simon Morris
Joan Harris Jayne Campbell
Tom Templeton Rob Jones
Anne Templeton Heather Prestwich
Director Gordon Bond
Production crew Jennifer Gill, Theresa Mulkerrin, Jessica Beard



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Ben (Simon Morris) explains to Tom (Rob Jones) the plot for his new novel that suspiciously parallels real life But Ben (Simon Morris)'s unofficial collaborator Anne (Heather Prestwich) has a bone to pick with him over taking all the credit for their work. Meanwhile, Anne (Heather Prestwich) suspects Ben's wife Joan (Jayne Campbell) is hiding something about her husband Tom.
They all (Heather Prestwich, Rob Jones, Jayne Campbell, Simon Morris) play an ominous game of Monopoly. Tom (Rob Jones) and Joan (Jayne Campbell) about to discover something unexpected in Ben's manuscript.