Tim Firth's Neville's Island was performed at the City Theatre on the 18th - 24th April 2010 at the City Theatre, with the following cast and crew:

Neville Gordon Bond
Gordon Neil Gander
Angus Mike Smith
Roy Chris Wagstaffe
Director Kate Lawrie and Tess Hagger
Production crew  



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Neville (Gordon Bond) navigates the scene, yet to realise he's marooned everyone on an island in the middle of a lake Angus (Mike Smith) helpfully provides a camouflage sheet for the intrepid four to sleep under, allowing them to go undetected as a searchlight passes over them A disturbance late at night, so the four patrol with their weapons (or a spoon)
Gordon's patience snaps, and he lays into Angus and Roy Roy (Chris Wagstaffe) makes a surprise reappearance